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Public Service:-

With the mission to serve the society ,the entrepreneur, as mentioned above built Education Dhaba –an ultimate knowledge Centre ,which cater to the need of not only students but to Educational Institutes, by providing them Marketing, Franchising & Consultancy Support.

VEC is a path breaking Educational Service Concept envisaged to set-up a nation wide chain of Education Dhaba to groom students and educate the Entrepreneur with latest available opportunity in the market.

VEC is promoted by Vedanta Educational Trust,a new generation Organisation with a vision to set new benchmarks in the field of education .Years of extensive research and experience in Education Industry has inspired the origin of Ed.Dhaba,a time relevant holistic Marketing environment conceptualized and built on Knowledge Centre, an endeavor from VET.

VEC offers an exciting business prospect for people passionate about education and Social Service with positive attitude to grow, own and succeed with us in this mutually beneficial venture.

We are looking for associates having the right mindset, willing to invest time and efforts and inclination to be in Educational Marketing with adequate investment capacity.

The Small Education Dhaba outlet is truly the unsung hero of India’s Education Industry.

Tirelessly guiding and facilitating the students in Rural India, through its different products and services under one roof and thus sustaining the knowledge economy.

Ironically, for a role so vital, the Educationist/Social Gurus are not given their due credit. At VEC we have been working hard to correct this. In the last 15 yrs. we have helped several entrepreneurs to start education related activities by establishing Knowledge Centres across the Country and counseled several thousand students to achieve their goals. But this is still not enough. The modernization and spread of our Knowledge Centres is the task that demands a concerted collaborative effort of every Nationalist Indian.

To create a momentum for this national initiative, we need a massive mobilization of public opinion. Each one of us can play a part in this. So if you too believe that a Knowledge Centre is in National Interest just log on to www.vedantaeducation.in and bridge the gap between knowledge driven Society and Knowledge deprived Society by applying for Franchisee Centre.

The VEC under Mission Convergence invites applications from Voluntary Organizations/NPO/NGO to become partner in its initiative to reach out to poor  and vulnerable  to help them receive services offered by Education Dhaba in a timely manner and to empower them.